Are you a super fan of Connecticut's most famous paranormal investigators Ed & Lorraine Warren? Have you watched all of the Conjuring movies? Have you ever seen the real Annabelle doll? You can see the real life doll that inspired the movies this upcoming Halloween weekend, in Waterbury.

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In case you haven't seen the movie, according to the Warrens, the Annabelle doll was given to two nurses in 1970. In real life, Annabelle was really a Raggedy Ann doll, but it's been said that that the doll "behaved strangely," "disappearing and reappearing in different locations." A psychic medium told the student that the doll was possessed by the spirit of a deceased girl named Annabelle. Strange, unexplained things kept happening, so the Warrens took possession of Annabelle, sealed it in a glass case, and kept it in their Warren Occult Museum in Monroe, CT, which, unfortunately, is now closed.

There was a rumor last year that Annabelle had escaped from the museum, but that's not the case. The Warrens' son-in-law, Tony Spera, released a video in August 2020, in which he explained the history of the Annabelle Doll, and that it didn't escape, it had temporarily moved to a safe location. That will change this weekend with a public appearance in Waterbury.

This Saturday and Sunday, Annabelle and Tony Spera will be appearing at The Warren's - Seekers of the Supernatural Paracon convention. The paranormal convention is happening at the Courtyard by Marriot in Waterbury. Spera will not only haul the real Annabelle to the Brass City, the Warren family will also bring several haunted artifacts from the museum out for display. Guest speakers, vendors, and more will happen both days of the weekend event.

The event is sold out for Saturday, but tickets are available for Sunday/Halloween. If you'd like to see the real-life inspiration for your nightmares, Annabelle will be waiting for you.

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