According to the Wall Street Journal, Springsteen on Broadway sold out its run through February 3 in a matter of days. That caused the secondary market for the tickets to surge. The lowest price I saw so far on Stubhub was $1,500, and they apparently go as high as $12,500.

Numbers like that are just stupid. Even the original sale prices push most real fans out of the equation. The kind of people who will be able to see this show over the next few months are either HUGE FANS, who were prepared, saved up, and got them right away, or the super-rich, who just want to be seen somewhere.

I feel bad for anyone else who is a real Bruce fan, because you are not going.

$12,500? That's obscene. You can buy a used car, make a mortgage payment, or two, or three. Seeing a show for that amount of money? I don't get it.

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