Litchfield's Arethusa Farm produces some of the finest dairy products that I've ever had. If you mention Arethusa ice cream in conversation, a hush falls over the room out of reverence, it's that good. You may have read in 2013 that Arethusa's owners bought a cow for a world record $170,000. Well, the old saying is 'You get what you pay for' right? Arethusa wants to produce the best, so, they invest in, and buy the best in the world. Now, their years of hard work and in-house breeding has garnered them one of the finest herds of cattle in this country, and one of their cows was just certified as almost perfect in every measurable way. Arethusa took to their Facebook page for the announcement yesterday.

Arethusa's Dice the Magnificent Holstein, or, as they call her, Dice, has just been certified as an EX 96 on a scale of 100. They classify each cow on a 100 point scale of various traits, broken down into 5 categories: Rump, Udder, Dairy Strength, Front and Body, and Feet & Legs. So, basically, that means that Dice was just 4 single points away from a perfect score. That's an amazing score. Truly best in show.

Arethusa's empire across Connecticut keeps growing too, I wrote an article just last month when their latest venture - a new dairy store in West Hartford on Farmington Avenue - opened up. If you can't get up to Litchfield or West Hartford, I've purchased Arethusa products in LaBonne's and Big Y markets all over our area.

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