Zippia conducted a nationwide study to determine the favorite brunch food for Mother's Day in all 50 States. The study concluded that Connecticut's favorite Mother's Day Brunch meal is the omelet.

What's interesting is they basically separated each item you'd find in a brunch buffet on Mother's Day so people would answer "meat" for instance and so many did. 21 States apparently love "meat" with "breakfast meat" being the most popular of all the "meats".

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What about our neighbors? New Jersey chose pancakes and New York landed on oatmeal, ugh.


Maine, Vermont, Wisconsin, Idaho and Montana all chose a variety of boozes as their favorite brunch item, listing mimosas and Bloody Marys as more important than any other food item. I'd certainly rather sit next to the mom who chose a mimosa over "meat".

I love my mom and I love my wife, two better mothers you could not find. But, they have a problem that all moms seem to have, they like these buffets. A brunch buffet to me is one of the saddest places in the world.

Everyone who has taken their mother to a buffet brunch for Mother's Day has failed her, it's sad and gross. I should know, I've done this, I've been a part of this terribly lazy gift.

Happy Mother's Day Mom, we brought you to a banquet hall to see all the other moms whose families can't be bothered to spend five minutes thinking of something better to do.

I hope you don't cry into your oatmeal like that mom appears to be doing.

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