I have a soft spot in my heart for Wegmans. My first job was bagging groceries at the Wegmans in Fairport, NY in 1967.

Wegmans is based in Rochester, NY, only 15 minutes from my original hometown, and for the second year in a row, Business Insider has just named them the number one overall best grocery-store chain in America, overtaking Trader Joe's.

I know most folks who do their family's grocery shopping have their favorites. I'm that guy, and I've shopped Shaw's, which I grade as a "B-", Grand Union a "D", Stop N Shop a solid "B", and Shop Rite gets an "A-", but when I'm visiting friends and family in Fairport, NY, I love going back to Wegmans, which I think deserves a solid "A".

In the 38 years I've lived in Connecticut, I'm always keeping my eye out for the possibility of a Wegmans coming to the area, and now, I see in the Putnam Daily Voice, that they're getting closer with a new store in the planning stages in Harrison, NY around the I-287/I-684 Junction.

Honestly, I won't be driving to Harrison to grocery shop, but I have to believe that eventually, Wegmans will be arriving in Danbury.

If I had to describe a Wegmans, it's like Shop Rite but double the size with a lot more stuff. Maybe if they build a store in Danbury, I could relive my teenage years by applying for a job as a bag boy again. Do you think they even hire senior citizens who want to stroll down memory lane? Maybe my high school girlfriend, Sharon, would show up. Wouldn't that be awesome?! That would definitely NOT be awesome.

I'm pretty sure this lady came into Wegmans the first day I worked there in 1967. I believe she was shopping for a laxative:

Choosy Customer
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Here's a video that will give you a good sense of what Wegmans is all about:

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