Dig this combo; shredded, slow-cooked meat wrapped in a tortilla and dipped in a spicy and savory dark red broth.

This is a birria taco and it's taken Connecticut by storm and slowly but surely, Connecticut restaurants are featuring this irresistible taco. In Connecticut, it was first featured at Camacho Garage in New Haven by chef Arturo Franco-Camacho who used to order this taco variety from a food truck in Tijuana in the 1960s.

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Thanks to Connecticut Magazine for turning me on to this incredibly delicious meat-filled mouth-watering taco. The birria taco consists of braised meat wrapped in a corn tortilla that's been pan-fried in the fat from the top of the stew (birria) used to braise the meat and then topped with cheese, cilantro, lime, and white onion. A cup of the broth comes with the taco for dipping. Guaranteed, you will crave one after you watch the video.

The taco was originally made with goat meat. Don't knock it until you've tried it. In 2005, the taco was wildly popular in Los Angeles and just recently, it become a favorite on the East Coast, especially in Connecticut.

Besides Camacho Garage in New Haven, where else can you sink your teeth into a birria taco? In the greater Danbury area, you can find this tasty treat at Broken Symmetry Gastro Brewery in Bethel and Hoodoo Brown BBQ in Ridgefield. For other locations that feature the birria taco, click on ctpost.com.

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