One of the favorite targets of memes lately is the much-maligned retail giant Dollar General. I'm sure you've seen them on social media: The second photo from Mars? A Dollar General sign. The guy licking his lips in the Canary yellow blazer, with the caption "Dollar General when they see an open field in the middle of nowhere"

Honestly, I'm amazed at what Dollar General has done around Connecticut over the past couple of years. They opened up a store in my neighborhood - Town Plot-Waterbury - by knocking down the old garage behind Bushka's and building a nice new store. Numerous locations have popped up basically all around the area, multiple locations in between Waterbury and Danbury.

Which is where we are today, it was announced almost a year ago that Dollar General would be coming to Woodbury of all places. I love Woodbury, Ovens of France, Good News, John's Cafe, Dottie's, and New Morning Market are just some of my regular stops.

 I was really jarred by a huge cloud of dust rolling across the road on my way home from work the other day, and I pulled over into the Marketplace parking lot and snapped a couple of photos of the activity going on at the construction site along Main Street South. There were quite a few big construction vehicles moving earth and building materials around the cleared lot.

I'm not quite sure where I stand on the issue of if this is a good thing for Woodbury or not. As a Waterbury resident, my opinion doesn't really matter one way or the other. I can see Woodbury residents' opposition to this in regards to the increase in traffic and pollution to the area. In fact, the thing that really struck me as I was stopping to take these photos is how beautiful the area right across the street from the construction site is. Here's a photo of what's across the street from the new store

On the other hand, as a person that loves convenience, I would think that the average person would welcome a general store of this caliber opening up reasonable close to their residence. For residents of Woodbury/Roxbury/Bethlehem/Washington, I'm sure it's a pain to have to drive all the way into Waterbury, Southbury, or Danbury to pick up something small and stupid like a light bulb or a roll of tape.

Anyway, I'll keep my eye on the progress of this store as it emerges over the upcoming Fall and Winter.