From my perspective, the Mansfield Training School and Hospital in Storrs is the most creep-infested abandoned building in Connecticut.

I have slowly driven past the abandoned buildings of Mansfield Hospitable on the Storrs Campus of UCONN back in the late 90s, and I'm embarrassed to say, I couldn't bring myself to stop and explore, much less snap some photos. I'll explain why later in this blog.

According to a recent article in the Hartford Courantthe abandoned Mansfield site has been attracting some attention. In the 1800s, when the school was located in Lakeville, CT, the school was called The Connecticut School for Imbeciles. Obviously, the age of political correctness had not reared its ugly head.

Credit: A World to Explore via YouTube

In 1917,  the school/hospital was moved to Mansfield, and for 60 years, was host to individuals with every type of mental illness. The school was shut down in '93, and to this day, half of the 57 buildings remain exactly as they were left in 1993. Because the state gave the buildings to the University of Connecticut, they can't be torn down because they've been placed on the National Registry of Historic Places. UCONN officials claim there is nothing haunted about the old Mansfield Training School, but other individuals who have visited the site beg to differ. According to, unnamed paranormal groups have visited the rundown buildings over the years, and claim there is some weird paranormal mischief going on.

There have been tales of floating orbs and disembodied voices, but UCONN officials say there have been no confirmed ghost sightings. On a personal level, when I drove slowly past these buildings in the 90s, I didn't hear any scary noises, but when we drove through between dusk and darkness, a huge shiver went right up my spine and wouldn't go away until we got back out to the main road. It felt like "something" was trying to tell me to, "Get the hell out of here, NOW!"

Credit: Marisol Velasco via YouTube
Credit: Marisol Velasco via YouTube

Here are a few YouTube videos that people have made while exploring the property:

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