A good light beer and this summertime weather go very well together. This humidity doesn't exactly make me want to chug down a thick Guinness Extra Stout, or a super-hopped up IPA, but if you do, that's cool. I prefer a lighter Pilsner brew in the heat. According to a new survey posted by the website grillcookbake.com, I'm not alone.

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Grillcookbake.com sent out a survey to over 3,900 Americans representing all 50 states, and crunched the numbers to compile their research, and based upon this research, the most popular domestic light beer here in Connecticut, is Bud Light. Bud Light came in at 22 percent of Connecticut resident's favorite domestic light beer. Bud Light was followed by Yuengling Light in second place at 13 percent. Coming in third, is a true legend, so to say - Natural "Natty" Light at 9 percent, and tied for fourth at 7 percent were Busch Light and Coors Light.

The funniest statistic that they managed to compile out of the Connecticut respondents, was that 35 percent answered that they would never drink any of the domestic light beers that were listed as choices, ever.

Looking at the Northeast as a whole, we fall right in line with pretty much everyone when it comes to Bud Light. New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire residents all chose Bud Light also, the only holdout was the weirdo Maine, who chose Coors Light as their winner. Ayuh, that's a pissah.

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