July 14, 2019 - 11 AM ish...

The merry men and women of i95 scramble together after Saturday night’s festivities to again hit the waters with great prizes for our No. 1 fans. Among the attendees, Lou “Don’t Let Him Drive the Boat” Milano, wife Erica, Joey “Swim Champ” Ech, “Brunette Bombshell” Lindsey, and an assorted boatload of miscellaneous hoodlums, aged 2 and older.

The lake is packed, Mother Nature has finally blessed us with sunshine after steadily punishing us with rain for the entire year, and everyone and their mom is out enjoying it.

When we set out on our voyage, we attempt to hit the local hot spots, but decide on a more reasonable location in New Milford to drop anchor and post up. The only casualty of today’s mission - one i95 frisbee (those things are mint, BTW).

The infamous Ethan Carey threatened us with a visit but to not much surprise, was no where to be found before our evening departure. Next time, we’ll find him, we will board his vessel as of we came from the Candlewood Lake pirate ship.

party barge shirt
User submission by Beth Dwyer-Petrucelli

During the day’s festivities, the brave team of assorted station representatives hooked up lake-goers with some station swag and prizes from Adam Broderick Salon and Spa and New Belgium Brewing -- thanks for the photo, Beth.

We also mulled over some fresh ideas for some exciting Party Barge giveaways and now we need your help: To better serve the Candlewood Lake-goers and avid i95 fans, we want to bring bigger and better prizes aboard, including grand prize concert tickets and/or gift cards. Vote for one of the following contests that you'd like to see on the Party Barge.

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