If you thought it has been hot and uncomfortable over the last week, well, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Our latest heat wave started on Saturday with temperatures in the low 90s, and the heat is expected to continue at least through Wednesday, with today (July 27) looking to be the hottest, and one of the hottest days of the year.

The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for Monday and Tuesday. A heat advisory is issued when the combination of heat and humidity is expected to make it feel like it is 95 to 99 degrees for two or more consecutive days, or 100 to 104 degrees for any length of time.

The NWS is also advising people to stay hydrated, drink plenty of fluids, stay in an air conditioned room if you can, don't forget to check on elderly neighbors and relatives, and never leave children or pets unattended in vehicles.

Some daily high records will fall over the next few days as temperatures climb to close to 100 degrees in some Connecticut towns. The record high for Danbury for this date (July 27) is 91 degrees, and we should have no trouble breaking that.

NWS Image
NWS Image

Here's your official forecast for the next few days:

  • Monday- Sunny and very hot, with temperatures climbing to between 96 and 100, with the heat index making it feel even hotter.
  • Tuesday- Another hot one with a chance of an afternoon shower and thundershower, high in the low 90's with the heat index making it feel more like 98 degrees.
  • Wednesday- Sunny with temps in the upper 80' to low 90's.

Thanks to tripadvisor.com, I found some of the best "How hot is it?" jokes and made a list for you. Please feel free to use them any time you want over the next few days.

It's so hot... I saw a chicken lay an omelette!

It's so hot...  I saw a squirrel picking up nuts with pot holders!

It's so hot... I saw a funeral procession pull thru a Dairy Queen!

It's so hot... Jehovah's Witnesses started telemarketing!

It's so hot... I saw the Devil in Wal-Mart buying an air conditioner!

It's so hot... You can wash and dry your clothes at the same time!

It's so hot... I saw two trees fighting over a dog!

It's so hot... I saw a cop chasing a thief, and they were both walking!

It's so hot... Cows give powdered milk!

It's so hot... My thermometer goes up to "Are you kidding me?"

It's so hot... I bought a loaf of bread and before I got home it was toast!

It's so hot... I got condensation on my butt from the water in the toilet bowl!

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