Obviously, this upcoming video has been taken from the "We don't have a lot going on" files. The subject: pancakes. The taste tester: Ethan James.

As I do on weekend mornings, I'm preparing breakfast. We had decided on pancakes and bacon. The bacon had gone through the frying process, and now it was time to make the pancakes.

As I was busily cookin' 'em up, Mindy wanders over and tells me that my pancakes were the butt-ugliest pancakes she had ever seen, and then has the unmitigated gaul to relieve me of my pancake making responsibilities. I told her, "We'll see about that Missy!" and then challenged her to a pancake tasting contest recruiting Ethan James as the only judge. Here's what went down:

Yes, Mindy's pancakes took first place, and as you noticed, she was a rude winner indeed! I used olive oil, which I got intensely criticized for, while Mindy used Crisco. I admit, that Mindy's were a better breed of pancake.

How do you like your pancakes, flapjacks, griddle cakes, battercakes, or jonnycakes? I will stop now. You're welcome.

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