The amazing 38-foot tall Uncle Sam greeted Danbury Fairgoers up until 1981 when it was sold to the Lake George amusement park. Mayor Mark Boughton made acquiring Uncle Sam a top priority. He told the NewsTimes:

This is just an exciting moment. It's just wonderful to bring him back where he belongs. It's just really special to have him back home.

Transporting Uncle Sam was quite the challenge according to Public Works Director, Antonio Iadarola. Public Services Superintendent, Tim Nolan told the NewsTimes they had to perform an amputation on Uncle Sam's left hand or one of the bridges on the route home would have taken care of it for them.

The statue's temporary home is now at a hangar at the Danbury Airport where it will undergo some patching and restoration work. The mayor also said that his wish to have Uncle Sam's new home at the welcome center at Exit 2 on I-84 may be in jeopardy because of the transition of Connecticut's new governor. Mayor Mark is still hoping to find a location where the 38-foot tall Uncle Sam Statue will be able to greet everyone as they drive eastbound into Danbury on I-84.



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