Did you know that the Grateful Dead played 18 shows at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY over 11 months in '70 and '71?According to Lohud.com, not only did Jerry Garcia say that the Capitol Theatre was one of his two favorite places to play, but the band introduced 7 new tunes while playing the Capitol. Check out this video of Jerry Garcia's daughter, Trixie, on stage at the Capitol Theatre

Back in the '90's a contingent of 'Dead Heads' invaded the 'Harry Howard Hook and Ladder Volunteer Fire Department' and it was good! A couple of members stitched the Grateful Dead skull logo patch onto their jackets. That patch became the center of the fire company's logo. Stickers of the logo were put on the sides and the back of the company's fire truck.

Port Chester, NY Fire Truck - YouTube Screen Shot

A member of the fire company told Lohud.com, "This is our identity. When you see the Grateful Dead patch, you know that's the Port Chester Fire Department.

The Grateful Dead logo on the Port Chester Firetruck - YouTube Screen Shot

Phil Lesh is 76 and still comes back again and again to play the Capitol Theatre. Since 2012, Phil has played over 50 shows there and they all sell out quickly. Matter of fact Lesh is booked for three shows in May, on the 27th, 28th, and 29th.

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