Tolls and Weed — it's all we've heard about for months leading up to the new political assembly session, as far as squeezing out additional revenue from this already overtaxed state. Well, get ready, because as it turns out, both avenues are being addressed almost immediately.

According to WTNH, one of the first bills filed for discussion in the general assembly came from Senator Alex Bergstein from Greenwich. Bergstein's bill calls for electronic tolls on all vehicles that use the highways here throughout Connecticut.

I'll probably be affected by the tolls — I regularly use I-84 to get from Waterbury to the radio station in Brookfield. I already own an EZ Pass — Mrs. Large's family lives up in the land of legal weed and unrelenting tolls: Massachusetts.

If you've driven through Massachusetts, New York, or New Jersey over the past few years, you can see that the tolling systems have evolved. Gone are the old booths that most of us remember, replaced by cameras and signs that promise you that if you don't have the cash? Hey, don't worry about it, we got you and your license plate captured, and we'll send you the bill in a couple of days.

I'm sure that in one way, shape or form, there will be electronic tolls erected all across the state over the next few years. Once the smell of blood/revenue is in the water, it's irresistible for the movers and shakers.

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