We speak with Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton almost every week. This week, we covered a variety of topics, but two stuck out among the rest. He made it clear to us that no one should be surprised to see big changes coming to Connecticut. His prediction is that marijuana will be legalized and highway tolls are in our future as well. Here's that clip of the conversation:

I love when the Mayor comes on. We always get at least one notable sound bite and today, there were two. Whether either of these moves will improve the state, I don't know, but if both happen as the Mayor predicts, things will look a lot different around here.

He did point out something else that I think we can all appreciate, and that is that people are indeed leaving this state in droves. It's really expensive to maintain even the most modest lifestyle here, and seems to get harder each day. I bet we can all name two or three people we know that have moved in just the last year.

P.S. No offense to Mark, but I don't care if Lamont is nice. Can he run the state? That's what I care about. MY PREDICTION?

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