August 22, 2007 was the first episode of the Ethan and Lou Show.

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August 22, 2022 was the 15 Year Anniversary of the Ethan and Lou Show. We did very little on the air that day to celebrate a long run together. Instead we assured folks we would get together with them out in the public for a beer.

That party took place on Friday September 23rd, 2022 at the Golden Leaf in Brookfield, CT. A wide array of characters came out with Ethan and I to enjoy a night out. These are just some of the many moments from that evening.

The Ethan and Lou 15 Year Anniversary Party Got Ultra Wild

It was the party to end all parties, the Ethan and Lou 15 Year Anniversary party at the Golden Leaf in Brookfield, CT. The idea was simple, go somewhere with no frills, gather with friends of the show, and look back at a decade and a half of the Ethan and Lou Morning Show. A lot of people showed up and we had a wonderful time, maybe too much fun.

I said there were games, this one was easily the most offensive and the most fun. WARNING - There was some foul language. 

It's possible I cheated. OK, no I definitely was peaking through the bottom of the mask but you've got to do what it takes to swing out with your thing out. Karaoke was another big part of the evening. As usual I performed Ice, Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice. The performance went off the rails after the first verse and then my pal Matt took the stage. Matt is a bit of a karaoke ringer. WARNING - There was some foul language. 

Nailed it!

I want to thank everyone who came out to spend the evening with us, it means the world to Ethan and I, that you would take time out of your busy lives to share a drink with us. We also were excited to officially introduce our new Morning Show team member to all of you, Large Dave was in attendance to the delight of many of the fans.

P.S. It was a lot different than our 10 year celebration but both were great in their own way.

Rarely Seen Corners of Danbury

If you've lived here your whole life you probably know most of these places but I am willing to bet even the most grizzled Danbury vet will see something, they have never seen before. Some are wonderful, some historic and others are just places where trash gets thrown, these are some of the Rarely Seen Corners of Danbury.

All Along the Posh Tower, Glorious $15 Million Connecticut Estate Hits the Market

This home is not a home it’s not an address, it’s 3 full addresses in a gated community, that sits inside a gated community. It’s a playground, a trophy and a showpiece for anyone who can afford the price tag. Here’s how I will do this; the top line will be what I’d say to you, if I was the realtor, and the bottom line will be wiseass commentary for my own sick amusement. 

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