It's cool when you find out that someone famous has the same hometown as you do, or where you just moved to. You may have been sharing the same general "living space" as someone famous and never even knew it.

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Your hometown hospital maybe, not only was your first encounter with the outside could also have been where it's entirely possible that you went to the same coffee shop and ordered a hot mocha latte just like B-Coops (my nickname for Bradley Cooper), assuming he likes coffee. You could have also purchased a pair of shoes from the same shoe store as Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, or Chris Pratt.

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Each section of the country has its share of "famous" people, and without looking up any stats or asking google, I bet the Northeast has more than its fair share. Being from the Midwest, the "famous" were few and far between, just like everything else was in the Southeast corner of Kansas. But, I will say, in my time there I spotted a few of the "famous" back there, mostly professional or college athletes, but none lived close to where I actually resided. You had to be in the city, like a rural midwesterner might say, to spot a famous human out in the wild.

As far as bumping into someone famous here in this part of the country, it's a little more possible. I wanted to find out how many famous folks were from Connecticut and thought it would be fun to test your knowledge and see if you can name who is in the photos. We found a few younger photos of some famous Connecticutians. How many can you name?

Connecticut Born Wall Of Fame, How Many Can You Name?

Test your knowledge and see how many of these Connecticut-born "famous" kids and young adults you can name. The answers are at the end.

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