Connecticut, the land of $1.2 million dollar postage stamp-sized parcels. Over the past two years, it's gotten even more insanely expensive to live here, especially for renters. Once in awhile, an incredibly cheap home comes up for sale, like this one in Berlin. It was just listed, and the estimated mortgage by Zillow is $82 a month.

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Yes, $16,000 is the asking price. It's a 942 square foot home in Berlin, and you can own it for less than what you'd pay for 6 months of rent for a 2 bedroom in Danbury. Also yes, it's in the condition that you'd imagine the cheapest house in Connecticut would be in - BAD. You know the old saying - 'One man's trash is another man's treasure', well, if you can stomach the thought of an $82 dollar monthly mortgage payment, take a peek.

The Cheapest Home in Connecticut Just Went On the Market

Why would you spend that $16,000 on anything other than land right now? They ain't making any more of it, and the housing market is crashing, perfect time to buy. Well, the cheapest house in Connecticut went on the market hours ago, take a peek.

I warned you, it's not pretty, but neither is $2,250 a month in rent. It's all about the land, they're not making any more of it, and you can rebuild and renovate.

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