Do we label it the entrepreneurial spirit?

Some would say entrepreneurial, what it is, is illegal. Here's what I'm talking about.

In a report from pot dealers in Connecticut have figured a way to fatten their pockets with a California connection. Local, state and federal law enforcement officials are in agreement that a very large amount of high quality pot from California is being sold In our state at tremendous profit to the dealers.

Brian Boyle, regional supervisor for the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, told

There’s a lot of money to be made, so the reward is greater than the risk

Seems that the uptick has happened over the last few years. The report goes on to say that in the last seven years less marijuana has been coming across the border from Mexico. Apparently drug cartels have found that growing crops illegally in the U.S., particularly in California and other West Coast states where recreational use is legal, the climate is ideal poses less risk and larger profits are possible.

Add to that, dealers in Connecticut willing to take the road trip to buy substantial amounts of pot at a lower price in California, only to substantially jack up the price here in Connecticut.

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