It seems as if every marketing/creative employee out there has gained some inspiration from watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory during the pandemic. Labonne's Supermarkets teamed up with Prospect's Big Dipper Ice Cream for a "Golden Ticket" promotion recently, and now, The Big E, the massive Eastern States Exposition fair in West Springfield, Massachusetts, has announced that they will be selling their own version of a "Golden Ticket": A lifetime pass for you and a guest, with parking, and it's going on sale as of tomorrow, Wednesday November 18, 2020, for a cool grand.

They're only going to be selling 100 Big E Golden Tickets, and they're going to be sold at $1,000 each. What you'll get for that thousand dollars, though, is lifetime admission for you, and 1 guest each day, to the 5th largest fair in North America, plus free parking.

Being that The Big E runs for 17 days each year, if you are a serious Big E addict, that just can't go more than a day each September without inhaling massive cream puffs, and buying painted wood from a local artist from Maine, then get ready to buy your Golden Ticket. I'm sure that they will sell out quickly, and put a cool hundred grand into the coffers for next year's fair, which is slated to run September 17 - October 3, 2021, by the way.

They've announced that Brad Paisley will be one of the headlining performers at next year's Big E, and all of the state buildings, rides, agricultural exhibits, and all of the delicious food will be there too, hopefully, if we can get this damn 'Rona killed off. If you'd like to learn more and try to purchase your own Big E Golden Ticket, click HERE.

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