I'm Lou Milano, the co-host of the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Show on I-95.

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My show mates and I have made some exciting goals for 2024 and the most important is to give the audience a bigger voice. We want to hear your thoughts, opinions and concerns on every topic we introduce.

One of our foundational topics is our passion for the State of Connecticut. The guys and I love our home state and we like to examine why, frequently. We also are quick to point out the things that suck about Connecticut and wonder how we can make them better.

Recently, we ran an informal Facebook poll to see what people love about Connecticut, in 5 words or less and the answers were eye-opening.

The Best Things About Connecticut in 5 Words or Less

We ran a poll of Connecticut residents, asking them to describe the best part of living in here in 5 words or less. We got an overwhelming response and these were the most popular answers.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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Here are more of the many answers we received on our Facebook poll.

Mike Whitely - The people

Ryan Luning - We all hate it equally...

Ron Rogell - Danbury Hat Tricks Hockey

Ralph Silvestri - Nothing. Move to Florida

Meagan Neville - Lakes, hikes, food, friends, seasons

Jim Duggan - I’m close to New York

Marty Fallman - Knowing New York is so close. Lol

Michele Koury - Nothing

John Barry - Litchfield County......and i95

Nabeel R Sabbagh Jr - At least it's not California

Matt Hoff - I95 rock mobile streaming app lol

Billy Katzing - Lake Candlewood

Jacqueline Astor Herbest - It's beautiful with 4 seasons

Barbi Render-Ferentheil - The bands at Sugar Hollow Taproom and Woodbury Brewing Company (VIOLATION: Too many words) 

John P. Moreno - The pizza

Elizabeth Paola - Moving away from it

Gina Marie - Less property taxes than NY

Roy Garamone - Lou Milano and I-95

Joe Attonito - Ethan, Lou, large Dave

Mike Parlow - At least it's not new york

Tracey Burlinson - Candlewood Lake

Ash Ley - Diversity, seasons, income, assistance for the needy
& I have moved out of CT (VIOLATION: Too many words) 

Kenny Ford - I84 Traffic

Tricia Terwilliger Coe - Family and seasons

Ronnie Ross - Air Quality

Jim Crooks - New Haven Pizza

Molly Tripp - cute small businesses

Ricky Fenton - Getting to go to Burger King with Lou Milano! (VIOLATION: Too many words) 

Adam Dean - Summertime on Candlewood Lake

Jed Wilson - Candlewood Lake

Frank Minniti - Florida You Say

Bob Keller - Sadly, Moving to South Carolina!

Keith Donlay - I can't afford to leave

Mike Reardon - Can’t think of anything…

Michael Coelho - My family and friends

John Marino - None it's worse then new jersey

Lori Sikorski-Magliocco - Changing seasons and wineries

Billy Wooster - Those two months are great

Mike Durante - It’s a short drive through.

Christopher Martin - Listening to I95 rocks! Lol

Laura Pasquini - Family

Debbie Accardi Grewer - Not a damn thing!!!!

Sandy Cristina - Could have given you a good answer maybe 15 - 20 years ago. Sadly, don't have much to say now. Good radio stations is all I can think of (VIOLATION: Too many words) 

Jean Garavel - Change of seasons…HOME

Russell Newman - I 95 on my radio!

Karl Ekstrand - Not a God damn thing

Mike Whiteley - The people

James Short - Fishing

Mark Evans - Proper lobster rolls

Ron Evans - Fall foliage

Bill Salvador - Close to about everything

Matt Kiger - New Haven Pizza!

Christopher Russell - The mysterious steamed hamburgers

Deb Scalise - 1/2 way to Boston & NYC

David Hykes - Best pizza in the country

Adam Dean - Summertime Fun on Candlewood Lake

Tom Lebel - Lobster rolls!!

Carlo D'Orazio - The food.

Tim Sullivan Jr. - Best pizza on the planet

Jamie Pearl - the beauty

Michael Glasson - Close to mountains, cities, ocean

G. Mark Morley - The low low low taxes

James Henry - Leave This ungodly state A.S.A.P.

Joseph Cavo - Ethan, Lou and LARGE Dave!

Todd Moskowitz - Working with you guys!

David Pope - High taxes.

Suzanne Bellagamba Brennan - My family is here

Michelle Leo - I miss Connecticut! The seasons, winding roads and stone walls. All of it!!! (VIOLATION: Too many words) 

P.S. I'm begging the people who hate it here to please leave. If we can get some of you out of here, the congestion on 84 and 95 isn't looking so bad. I mean it I can break balls all day and point out the problems and agitations that come with living here but if you truly hate everything about it, what are you doing here?

7 Major Red Flags for Anyone Moving to Connecticut

Every place has its Pros and Cons but this is not a PROS/CONS list. This is a list of things that absolutely suck about the Nutmeg State. If you are moving here or considering moving here someone should shoot you straight. Connecticut has some serious red flags. 

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

12 Signs You're a True American 'Tough Guy'

Our culture morphs and those shifts mean certain types of behavior have an expiration date. What you once thought was "cool" or "tough" may make you look like a straight up D-bag now. The problem is, when our culture pivots, not everyone gets the memo.

You could find yourself in a room with someone born in the 60's, another in the 80's, a man who was born in the 90's and another in the 2000's, they are all going to have different ideas about what makes them a man. 

What makes you a "tough guy" today? For starters, the term itself is a punch line, if someone calls you a "tough guy", they are picking on you. This list was supposed to be titled "Top Signs You're a Raging Douche" but my editor nixed that, so these are the "Top Signs You're a Real Tough Guy." 

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

You Know You're from Putnam Lake, NY If...

Putnam Lake is a Hamlet of the Town of Patterson, NY. "The Lake" was, and continues to be a great place to raise a family but it most certainly is not boring. People from surrounding communities have a lot to say about "Lakers", they just don't do it to your face.

Putnam Lake has a personality all it's own. "The Lake" is loaded with great people with wonderful personalities that all seem to have a few things in common. This is why it will be easy for those of you who lived there, to identify with the "You Know You're From Putnam Lake If.....Examples. 

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

Look Inside Rarely Seen Corners of Brewster

There is an area in Brewster, NY where US 202, Lower Mine Road, the Croton River, the train tracks and a reservoir all converge. This is a look inside the rarely seen corners of Brewster AKA the Town of Southeast. 

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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