I grew up on Swanson's chicken pot pies, I still love them. But, like anything mass produced, you can probably find a better locally-made product. Sorry Swanson's, and Marie Callender's, you can get a way better chicken pot pie in Woodbury.

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Or Bristol, or New Preston. The cold New England Weather & peas, carrots, onions, gravy, and a protein go so well together. It's pot pie season and I can't resist it on a local restaurant menu. Chicken pot pies are my all time favorite, but I love trying locally-made seafood-based pot pies. Here are some of the best pot pies that I've tried.

The Best Pot Pies That I've Tried Around Connecticut

We all love chicken pot pies, but have you ever tried a clam pot pie? A Seafood pot pie? I love different variations of the classic recipe. Here are my favorite locally-made pot pies around Connecticut.

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