In 2008 The Ethan and Lou Show kicked off an event that would become an annual holiday tradition.

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14 years later, Camping for Cans is still going and now we're the Ethan, Lou and Large Dave Morning Show. Each year, we gather in a parking lot in Brookfield, CT and collect non-perishable food items, cash and checks made out to the Hillside Food Outreach.

Hillside is a fantastic local organization that feeds in-need families in the Greater-Danbury area in Connecticut and they feed families in Westchester County, NY. We work specifically with these folks because they take 100 percent of the donations and put it right back into our communities.

2022 was one of our most successful years from a donation standpoint but it was also the most rewarding. We had an amazing turnout from all corners of our community. We made new friends, we connected with old friends and we rallied together to do something we're very proud of.

Take a look at Camping for Cans 2022.

Camping for Cans 2022

Camping for Cans is an annual event thrown by I-95 to collect cash and non-perishable food items to benefit the Hillside Foot Outreach. Hillside feeds those in-need, in the Greater-Danbury area. Each year we gather in a Brookfield parking lot and have fun in the name of the Greater good. The 2022 CFC was as good a year as we've ever had, take a look.

Thank you to everyone who came out to donate, thank you to our staff for working their tales off to make this happen and thank you to you, for checking this out. If you missed an opportunity to come out this year, please join us in 2023. If you would like to donate, Hillside is always accepting donations and looking for volunteers.

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