Axe throwing seems to be a fun activity at bars and grand opening celebrations, but using one to threaten a delivery person is very much frowned upon in Connecticut. That really happened in Durham.

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According to the Connecticut State Police - Troop F Westbrook, on Saturday November 19, 2022, at 5:56PM, Troopers received a complaint about a disturbance between a local resident and a delivery driver.

Responding troopers discovered that a delivery person from an unnamed business had attempted to deliver a package to a resident at 36 Commerce Circle, Unit D. In order to complete the delivery, the delivery person had to confirm the identity of the recipient. According to the delivery driver,, the resident, identified as 41 year old Michael Salvatore, attempted to show his Social Security card as ID. Which, if you've been in this situation, is not acceptable.

The delivery driver then asked Salvatore for a photo ID, and when Salvatore returned, he allegedly was carrying an axe, and while holding said axe, told the delivery driver to leave the packages. Fearing for their safety, the delivery driver left the packages, and took off to a safe location to call in their complaint.

Responding Troopers discovered an axe in close proximity to Salvatore as he answered the door. Salvatore declined to cooperate, and was taken into custody. Salvatore was taken into custody, and charged with 2nd Degree Breach of Peace, and 2nd Degree Threatening. Salvatore was held on a $5,000 bond, and was scheduled to be arraigned in Middletown Superior Court this morning.


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