A year and a half ago in June 2022, Danbury Fair Mall made the announcement that a new two-story Target would be built at the mall in the space formerly anchored by Sears. Many months have passed since the announcement, and many renovations have been made to the building since, but, as of today, January 3, 2024, it's still not open.

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Good news, I've just learned that will change as the weather begins to warm up. I just spoke with my buddy Gino from Danbury's G&R Fabrication, and he told me that he's doing work on the new in-store Starbucks being built inside the new Target, and they're about a 2-3 months or so away from opening up the doors to the public. So get ready to shop at the spiffy new two-story Target in Danbury Fair in April.

Danbury Fair is the second largest mall in Connecticut, the state's largest is Milford's Connecticut Post Mall, and it's so disappointing compared to the store lineup offered in Danbury. Although there have been incredible store turnovers and vacancies just like every mall in Connecticut, Danbury Fair has never had that 'Dying Mall' feeling that is so pervasive in Waterbury's Brass Mill Center, Meriden Mall, and even Trumbull Mall.

Department stores anchoring your shopping mall still seems to be the standard, but I wonder when one of our shopping malls will actually go through with one of the proposed residences being built inside a vacant anchor store? Danbury Fair, Westfarms, Trumbull and Stamford Malls have all floated the idea of having lifestyle/business/residences opening in their locations, is there not enough interest yet?

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