I found out over the weekend that Key Foods recently got out of their Fairfield Avenue Waterbury location, and the new owners are affiliated with Cherry Valley Marketplace. I loved shopping at that location.. when it was known as Town Plot IGA.

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I like smaller grocery stores, yes, they may be a bit more expensive than the chains, but I love buying local products that are unavailable in most of the major supermarkets. That, and I have horrendous arthritis in my knees, which makes it even worse if I have to walk 1,000 feet for a loaf of bread. I have nothing against Stop & Shop, I love Big Y, Shop Rite is decent, but, I prefer taking my time in the aisles and not being rushed by 14 people that are looking at the same rotisserie chicken as I am.

There are still some great, smaller grocery stores and markets around Connecticut, here are 8 of them where you won't feel like herded cattle on your way to buying a delicious ribeye steak.

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