Connecticut certainly has its fair share of weird laws.  There are so many that I actually had to cut some from this list.  Sorry Guilford, banning colored Christmas lights is not as funny as Hartford's ban on educating dogs.


1. Biking Faster than 65mph

Don't you hate it when you're cruising around in your car and someone zooms past you doing 70 on a bicycle?  But seriously, with or without steroids, Lance Armstrong couldn't achieve those speeds.

2. Educating Dogs in Hartford

If you plan on teaching a class about American history to a bunch of dogs avoid Hartford at all costs.  Does this make it illegal to train your dog in Hartford?  The law doesn't specify what they mean by "educate"  but we can only assume the law was put into place to prevent dogs from rising up against us.

3. Bouncing Pickles

There's a statewide mandate that a pickle cannot be considered a pickle unless it bounces when dropped from one foot off the ground.  Apparently, this law stems from a 1948 case where two men tried to sell rotten pickles to the public.  The FDA commissioner came up with the bounce test and it's been in Connecticut law books ever since.  How has this not become a federal law?  What are you waiting for congress?

4. Crossing the Street on Your Hands

Hartford just can't seem to stop itself from banning the strangest things.  I want to go on record and say I'm fully on board with this ban.  The last thing we need in the middle of the street is a Cirque Du Soleil performance.  Plus, who are you trying to impress by crossing the street on your hands?  I'm certainly not impressed.

5.  No Humming for Beauticians in Waterbury

This law prevents beauticians from humming, whistling, or singing while with a client.  This sounds like the perfect plot for a movie, picture Footloose mixed with Hairspray.  Imagine the Waterbury Police locking up beauticians for singing to their clients, the movie would be a hit.

6.   No Walking Backwards at Night

In the town of Devon it's against the law to walk backwards after sunset.  This just seems smart, walking backwards at night sounds dangerous and pretty irresponsible.  Do your backwards walking in the daylight or don't do it all.  On second thought, just don't do it all.  The only good reason to walk backwards is if you are moving a big piece of furniture or if you encounter a coyote.

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