Why are so many Connecticut drivers filled with rage? Could it be the stress of living in a state where the cost of living is unreachable for many? Could it be that Connecticut simply has an overabundance of bad drivers?

Forbes Advisor surveyed 10,000 licensed drivers throughout all 50 states using nine metrics, and Connecticut scored 93.46 out of 100. The following are the 'Top 10 States With the Most Confrontational Drivers.'

  1. Arizona
  2. Rhode Island
  3. West Virginia
  4. Virginia
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Alabama
    • Connecticut ranked second worst for the percentage of drivers who have been tailgated and third worst for the percentage of drivers who have been forced off the road.
    • Connecticut also ranked seventh worst for both the percentage of drivers who said another driver has exited their vehicle to yell at or fight with them and the percentage of drivers who said another driver has honked at them in frustration).
    • Additionally, 49.5% of drivers from the Constitution State said that another driver had cut them off on purpose, the ninth highest amount in the nation.
  8. Illinois
  9. Texas (Rated #1 in 2023)
  10. Ohio

The Connecticut State Police has some advice on avoiding road rage because no one needs their windshield destroyed by a baseball bat! This is one of the reasons why car insurance rates are through the roof in Connecticut. According to forbes.com, Nationwide and Travelers are the two best insurance companies when it comes to auto insurance. Compare them all by clicking this link.

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