And the Grammy DOESN'T go to...

With the 58th Grammys happening Monday night it's time to go down the list of legendary classic rock artists who have surprisingly never won a Grammy:




Jackson Browne


Creedence Clearwater Revival


Deep Purple


Guns N' Roses


Janis Joplin




The Kinks




Lynyrd Skynyrd


Mötley Crüe


The Pretenders



Talking Heads

ZZ Top

Which of the 15 artists above do you think deserves a Grammy the most?

My vote is for Rush. Did you know that Rush has been nominated for a Grammy a total of seven times and every time they came up short? Now that is just wrong.

I mean, think about it. The Baha Men won a Grammy for "Who Let The Dogs Out?" and Rush can't win one? I say the Grammys follow the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and give Rush their due. I think a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award is in order don't you?

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