I love dogs, and I also love the process of picking out the perfect name for my new best friend. Over the years I've had: two King's, Basia, Peanut, and now I have a 3 year old Chihuahua named RayRay. Three traditional dog names, and a couple of usual ones.

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Most of my friends and family own dogs with traditional names, and that is why I thought the Connecticut portion of theFW.com's Most Popular Dog Names in Every State really rang true. We truly love using human names for dogs in Connecticut. Another thing that I've noticed is adding 'Mr.' in front of whatever name you choose, like 'Mr. Puddles', or 'Mr. Duffy'. I love that, and my wife and I considered 'Mr. Dibbler' before we settled on RayRay, it was close though.

If you just got a beautiful new Frenchie, a fun little Pomeranian, a sturdy German Shepherd, or a blue-eyed Husky that you don't want to call Jonathon, here's the top 10.

The 10 Most Popular Dog Names in Connecticut

When we named our Chihuahua RayRay, we knew that we were chossing a unique name for our little guy. Here's the 10 most popular names for dogs in Connecticut.

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