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    Construction on Padanaram & North

    Thou shall avoid the intersection where Padanaram Road meets North Street due to the never-ending construction at exit 6 off of I-84.

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    Pay Attention to Pedestrians

    Thou shall pay attention to the pedestrians waiting on a Main Street crosswalk, lest you should run over a fellow human and cause a monumental traffic jam.

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    Send Pothole Photos to Mayor Mark

    When encountering a pothole, thou shalt pull over to the side of the road, snap a photo of said pothole, and immediately send it to Mayor Mark's office.

  • VCG via Getty Images
    VCG via Getty Images

    I-84 East at Rush Hour

    Thou Shalt NEVER travel I-84 east through Danbury during a late afternoon (especially Friday), unless you enjoy sitting in traffic and making faces at other unfortunate drivers.

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    French Fry Cravings on I-84

    When driving I-84 in Danbury, and a french fry craving overcomes you, thou shalt get off at Exit 4, and go directly to the McDonald's drive-thru -- easy on-eth and easy off-eth.

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    Slow it Up!

    Thou shalt back it down from going 80 mph in a 65 mph zone between exits 8 and 11 on I-84 east traveling toward Waterbury. Unless you need to poop, of course.

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    Getty Images

    Stopped School Buses

    Thou shalt not ever pass a school bus with its red lights flashing, unless thee wants to part-eth with $450.

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    Getty Images

    Avoid Waterbury Altogether

    Thou shalt not, under any circumstances, travel I-84 east through Waterbury because of the never-ending construction and traffic delays, where short-tempered drivers might lose their minds.

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    Decide BEFORE the Fork in the Highway

    When Driving on I-84, at the fork in the road at exit 3 toward the mall, thou shalt NOT decide which way works for you at the very last minute. Let's avoid a catastrophic car accident due to your driving ineptitude.

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    The Federal/Nabby Rd. Traffic Light

    Thou shalt avoid the longest damned traffic light in Danbury. It's the one near Stew Leonard's, approaching the intersection from Nabby Road onto Federal Road, which has been known to stay red for up to five minutes.

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