This morning on the Ethan and Lou Show, we shared the Daily News' list of the best Seinfeld guest appearances. The list was less about the funniest characters and more about very famous people who have appeared on the show. I wanted to do it right. Here is my list of the ten best Seinfeld characters outside of the "core four."

1 - Frank Costanza - Frank is far and away the best character on the show outside of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer. I think he has had more scene-stealing moments than any other cast member over the years.

2 - David Puddy - Everyone has a stupid, lovable, and surprisingly complex friend. David Puddy is that friend.

3 - Estelle Costanza - We all have a mom, grandma, or aunt that reminds us of Estelle.

4 - Jack Klompus - The fact that I put Jack this high on the list may surprise hardcore Seinfeld fans. If I am remembering correctly, he only appears in 4-5 episodes but "The Pen Conversation" was one of the best and most relatable scenes in Seinfeld history.

5 - Bob Saccomano/Lomez - We never see either of these two friends of Kramer and yet their name appears in some of Kramer's best scenes.

6 - Mr. Bookman - Jerry's run in with a library cop Mr. Bookman is a stand out moment in Seinfeld history.

7 - Lloyd Braun - Lloyd is the man that George's parents wanted him to be until he had a nervous breakdown. That is when Lloyd became real funny. For those who don't know, the Lloyd character was played by two different actors. Peter Kehlegan played the slick, put together, early Lloyd Braun. Matt Mckoy played Lloyd in later episodes, and was much funnier.

8 - Morty Seinfeld - Three words: "My wallet's gone!" Similar to the Lloyd Braun character, Morty Seinfeld was played by two men. The early Morty was actor Phil Bruns and the Morty most people know and love was played by Barney Martin.

9 - Uncle Leo - Leo's annoying entrances and obsession with cousin Jeffrey made him a Seinfeld scene-stealer. BTW, Leo was played by actor, Len Lesser, who played a similar character on Everybody Loves Raymond. Instead of the famous "Jerry Hello" the character Garvin would greet Ray with, "Ray's here!"

10 - Jiffy Park/Jiffy Dump owner operator - To my recollection we never learn this character's name but MAN was he funny.

That is my list and yes there are so many options. I'm sure I missed one of your favorites so tell me what you would have done differently.

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