If you've drive through Danbury lately you may have noticed this giant sign on a front lawn of a home:


Which reads:

"The Thief That Stold [sic] My Chairs Bring Them Back!!! I Wont Have You Arrested."

Luckily, no one is going to have to go to jail for this one thanks to the kindness of a neighbor. After seeing this giant wooden plank sign in this front yard, one neighbor dropped off some extra chairs and this note:


The note reads:

Good morning,


We know how it feels to have something stolen. It's a violation that takes a long time to shake off. Accept these chairs on our behalf with the understanding that your message, written on plywood, did not go unnoticed. Not all people are bad.


Have a Great 4th,

You Neighbor

We weren't able to contact the homeowner or the kind neighbor, but we're glad to know how awesome some Danbury residents are.

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