Hey dude, the autopilot feature on your Tesla doesn't mean it drives itself!

Connecticut State Police have reported that a man "driving" a Tesla Model 3 rammed into the rear end of a police cruiser and then continued and hit the rear of the vehicle that was stopped in front of the cruiser.


Two police cruisers with emergency lights activated and flares glowing were parked in the left-center lane behind a disabled vehicle on Interstate 95 in Norwalk.

The police cruisers were waiting on a tow truck for the broken down vehicle when the Tesla approached but did not stop and crashed into the back of one of the police cruisers.


At that point, the Tesla kept on going for maybe another couple of hundred yards before being stopped by the other Trooper. Are you ready for this? The driver explained that he had switched on the 'autopilot' feature because he was checking on his dog who was in the rear seat before the collision.

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Miraculously there were no serious injuries. According to the Tesla Website, "Current autopilot features require active driver supervision and do not make the vehicle autonomous." The last sentence in the Connecticut State Police press release states,

There are no vehicles currently for sale that are fully automated or self-driving.

Nor should there be. Words to live by!

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