Quite a few of the best things in Connecticut, and the world, are available along Rt. 202. I stopped at the home of all of them on my way home today to pick up a slice of the newly crowned Best Cheese in the United States of America 2023 - Europa, by Eric Schmid and his team at Arethusa Farm Dairy in Bantam

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Europa was judged by a panel of experts in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the motherland of American cheese, and was picked as the absolute finest out of 2,250 entries. An incredible accomplishment. Yet another champion among a product line stuffed with world champions.

I Got My Hands on the Best Cheese in Bantam, And The World

A huge congratulations to the incredible team at Bantam/Litchfield's Arethusa Farm, you wear yet another World Championship belt! I had to pay my respects and wet my beak with a fresh hunk of the Best Cheese IN THE WORLD for 2023 today.

How does it taste? Bliss. It's so savory.

Some of the Tastiest Seafood From Maine is Still Alive in Bethel

Have you heard of Community Shellfish in Bethel, Connecticut yet? Do you love fresh whole belly clams, oysters, and lobsters from Maine like I do? Take a tour of the incredible facilities on Francis Clarke Circle with me.

Monster Eel Caught in Connecticut Waters

CT Event Center Will Welcome 13 of the Biggest Celebrities of the 90s

Every decade is remembered in snapshots, for it's news stories, music, movies and entertainers. In the 90's, we were being introduced to a lot of new ideas and fresh faces. The following 13 people will always be synonymous with the 90's and it is one of the reasons we love them. 

Wait, did I mention they're all coming to CT in March? These 90's personalities will be featured guests at 90's Con on March 17, 18 and 19 at the Connecticut Convention Center. 

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