How about we all get bundled up and go sledding?! Who's up for it? Anybody? Whaddya mean it's too cold?

Danbury Patch had a great article on sledding spots in Danbury and I've got a couple I'd like to add.

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    Richter Park - Danbury

    Richter Park Golf Course is located at 100 Aunt Hack Road in Danbury. Sledding is across the road from the clubhouse.

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    Tarrywile Park - Danbury

    Tarrywile Park can be found at 70 Southern Blvd in Danbury. You may have to do some walking to reach the good hills.

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    Brookfield High School - Brookfield

    The best hill is at the back of the school on the right hand side. Brookfield High is at 45 Long Meadow Hill Road.

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    Treadwell Memorial Park - Newtown

    You'll find Treadwell Park on Philo Curtis Rd in Sandy Hook.

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    Sand Road - New Milford

    It's difficult to pinpoint the exact location for sledding on Sand Road. This is one of those you'll-know-it-when-you-see-it kind of deals.

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    Whitney Farms Golf Course - Monroe

    You can't beat most golf courses when it comes to some awesome hills for sledding, tubing, or tobogganing. You'll find Whitney Farms at 175 Shelton Road(Rte. 110) in Monroe. Parking is available on the street and the hill is great for all ages.

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    Rockwell Elementary School - Bethel

    Rockwell Elementary is located at 400 Whittlesey Drive in Bethel. Like various golf courses, public schools provide some awesome sledding hills. Just head on over to Rockwell Elementary and look for a gaggle of cars.

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    Ridgefield Golf Course - Ridgefield

    You'll find the Ridgefield Golf Course at 545 Ridgebury Road.

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    New Pond Farm - Redding

    New Pond Farm is located in West Redding at 101 Marchant Road. You may need to be a member to take advantage of their property. Call 203-938-2117 for more info. Dogs are not allowed.

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    Hayestown Elementary School - Danbury

    If you're driving from the Danbury area on North Street, make the right onto Hayestown Avenue, and then just past Henry Abbott Tech on your left, you'll see all kinds of kids having a blast sledding down the school's big hill. At the light, hang a left onto Tamarack Ave. and the school entrance will be on your left.

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