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Say what you will about UCONN football... But, we still have women's basketball to look forward to, right?

Well through the good or bad, happy or sad, we don't have many sports teams in Connecticut as prestigious as the UCONN Huskies, so with that, we put together a list of some fun -- and sometimes crazy -- merchandise that are perfect for any Huskies fan:

Formal wear:

Represent the huskies even when you're dressed to impress with a UCONN tie clip.

And once the tie is steadily in place, round out that searsucker suit with a pair of premium college fan socks:

It's that time of the year, so how about some ridiculously fluffy sneaker slippers? Stay warm and cozy while you walk around your living room looking like you have some rare giant-foot disease this winter:

A UCONN tiki totem is something you will not see everyday. A totem pole is defined as "a pole or pillar carved and painted with a series of totemic symbols, representing family lineage and often mythical or historical incidents and erected by Indian tribes of the northwest coast of North America".

UCONN bib - sure the bib is probably designed for a baby, but there's no reason why you couldn't strap it on yourself to protect your Kemba Walker throwback jersey while chomping on some wings at the next pregame party:

UCONN silver star ornament - Christmas is right around the corner, so no explanation is really necessary, but you can always just pin it to your chest, showing the world who the true sheriff in town is:

UCONN Zubaz pants – They’re so ugly, they’re gorgeous. Party like it’s 1991 with the officially licensed Zubaz. STOP. HAMMERTIME!

UCONN car mats are always a big necessity, especially with winter rolling in soon. With these mats you'll be able to show your team pride as well as keeping your car or truck clean from all the weather elements.

Whether you want to hang it in your room or fly it proud on your truck, the UCONN huskie nation flag is a great way to do so.

You can never go wrong having a coozie over a can of beer during a tailgate or wherever your able to watch a UCONN game.