This will be the fifth year in a row that 26 cyclists ride from Newtown to Washington D.C. to honor the 26 who perished at Sandy Hook.

This year, however, those 26 cyclists have a message for members of Congress. The ride is scheduled from May 4 through May 7, and for the last four years, the route took them from Sandy Hook to D.C. This year, Team 26 will begin their journey in D.C., and ride with their backs to the Capitol. Here's a quote that ride founder, Attorney Monte Frank, gave to the NewsTimes:

We have been riding for four years into Washington D.C., and during that period of time, Congress has failed to pass a single piece of legislation that would reduce gun violence, so this year we're riding away from Washington towards the states and cities that are working hard to protect their citizens from gun violence.

The team's return trip will take them through Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York and then to their final destination in Newtown on Sunday evening for a welcome-back reception. For the last five years Team 26 has been asking lawmakers to pass background checks on all gun sales. Other states have already passed gun legislation reform in accordance with the Second Amendment. To follow Team 26, click this link.

Last year, Nelba Marquez-Greene, the mother of Ana Grace who was killed on 12/14/12, and others took to the podium to wish Team 26 luck, “Godspeed,” and to thank them. Here's the footage:

 Here's a look at Team 26 taking off for their 2017 ride:

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