According to the NY Post, Long Island's Lauren Miranda says she lost her job as a teacher after an old topless selfie surfaced of her. The 25-year-old was fired Wednesday from her position as a math teacher at Bellport Middle School. A new courtroom file suggests the photo ended up in the hands of a student there.

Miranda's lawyer says school officials fired her for not being a “role model.” The lawyer, John Ray, had this to say about the photo: “Long ago, she sent her topless unremarkable selfie to her companion, never to anyone else.”

Alright, we got a "sext" that got loose and a woman lost her job over it. Let's consider all the factors and determine if this one is a fair ending. FACTORS:

  • It was just a photo of a woman's breasts. Don't get me started on how we can distribute and consume some unreasonably violent images to children all day long. BUT if a kid see's a woman's breast, the world melts.
  • It was allegedly sent to an old boyfriend and landed in the hands of someone it should not have, due to the boyfriend allegedly sharing it.
  • Showing your breasts to a boyfriend in private does not make you an improper role model.
  • It allegedly ended up in the possession of a student (BIG FACTOR).

Was it fair that she was fired? Yeah, it kinda was and the only reason it was fair was because of where it supposedly ended up. If the claims in the court docs turn out to be true, a student got their hands on it. This was out of the teachers control but it is the risk that is run with these photos.

If the picture was unearthed by a parent, I'd be riding with the teacher all the way. Enough is enough with the war on nudity, let's spend that energy on keeping our kids eyes off of gratuitous violence.

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