Apparently the men's crop top will be all the rage this summer. The internet is divided over it and the subject had Twitter set ablaze over the weekend. People were battling for and against the barely-there shirts for men, according to Yahoo.

I think it will come as no surprise to those of you familiar with the Ethan and Lou Show that I am against it. I don't want to look at fuzzy men's front holes all summer -- I had high hopes for this summer. Those are ruined now -- hopes and dreams dashed. The summer will be unpleasant for sure.

I get that there will be some ladies looking forward to seeing guys that are built like the fella in our photo. I also know that there will be AS MANY ladies all too excited to make fun of guys who wear them, no matter how they are built. Even worse than fit guys wearing these shirts, there will be overweight guys who will wear them ironically. This is going to destroy the summer landscape. Guys need to stop trying to be looked at and fade into the background.

If you want to look ridiculous and buy the crop top in our featured photo, it will cost you only $32.50. The brand is Marek + Richard and you can find them easily at Amazon. 

P.S. If you are wondering, like I was, what "THOT" means here is what the "Urban Dictionary" says:

What guys call girls in schools that send out nudes and porn of themselves.  An acronym for "That ho over there." Classy. 

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