Are you venturing into the Big Apple this Summer? The streets may be smellier than you'd expect.

I love New York City and all it has to offer. From Broadway, to the museums, to the shopping, to the sight-seeing, to the amazing food. There is a certain vibe, sound, and yes even a certain smell that is the Big Apple.

Seems though that the sound and smell this Summer may be more than what you'd expect.

In a story from the New York Post, New York City officials have decided that people committing what are considered "quality-of-life" crimes like public drinking of alcohol, urinating in public and blasting music will now face administrative hearings instead of criminal court.

According to the reasoning from officials is the desire to divert as many as 100-thousand cases a year from criminal court to help minor offenders avoid criminal records.

Remains to be seen whether without the threat of a criminal record, will people let loose all over the place, or still think twice about being obnoxious and disrespectful.

Will it stop us from heading into New York for all of the excitement it offers? I think not.

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