Well it finally happened, Danbury got its first real snowfall of the year, and we've got some great pictures to prove it.

It's something that makes the Holiday Season just a little more magical, and whether you like snow or not, you can't argue with the fact snow in December really adds to the allure of the season.

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We all know we usually get snow in December, just check out this story we recently featured about Danbury's Snowiest Days on Record for November and December. However, there is something special about that first snow of the season, heck they even make a big deal about it in the holiday classic A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Well thanks to a friend of the station, Tom Allen, we have some pretty cool pictures that captured the magic. Tom has taken some fantastic pictures all over the Greater Danbury area, and you can check out his work anytime at aplus.photos.

Stunning Photos of the Season's First Snowfall in Danbury

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