A new study by Joybird indicates that Hartford, CT is one of the best cities in America for homebodies.

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The study graded each of the most populous cities in the nation on 11 key factors. The factors they considered are:

  • Average internet speed
  • Average rent
  • Housing price-to-income ratio
  • Median square footage of homes
  • Average yard size (in acres)
  • Number of homes with a private or community pool
  • Property crime rate (per 100k)
  • Work from home score
  • Number of remote job openings
  • Number of restaurants offering food delivery (per 100k)
  • Number of grocery stores offering food delivery (per 100k)

They took those metrics, mixed them all in a bag, when all was said and done, Hartford was ranked the 6th best city in America for homebodies. The top 5 were:

  • Raleigh, North Caroline
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Orlando, Florida

Rejoice Hartford (while reclined), you made it to the top and you did so on the back of internet speed. Hartford's average internet speed is 195.80 (Mbps) is one of the highest in the nation. It will come as no surprise that New York, New York was the worst city in the nation for homebodies, despite their whopping 545.60 Mbps internet speed.

I'm a homebody, and as any good homebody knows,  you can make any place a good place for homebodies. What do we build these homes for if we're not going to chill in them? My base philosophy on life is inside good, outside bad. I love nature, wind, grass and sunshine but people are outside and they are the worst.

P.S. I find it interesting that two of the best homebody cities are in Florida. Everyone who moves there does so under the umbrella of activity, health and sunshine. Now, we find out it's a good place to "stay in." Florida you say?

P.S. #2 - I was not making a political statement with the protest sign in the featured image, it's difficult to find a photo of Hartford that I can legally use, that does not have a protest sign in it.

Inner Sanctum - Behind the Curtain on Danbury's Mysterious Free Masons

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The Danbury Free Masons meet in a building at 337 Main Street. The building was originally the Meeker mansion. The Meekers were the prominent Danbury family who ran Meeker's Hardware. It's worth noting, that a separate Masonic Lodge is headquartered in the same building, Lodge 39. Lodge 39 is originally from Georgetown, CT but when their member numbers dwindled, they sold their building and moved to Danbury. 

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This home is not a home it’s not an address, it’s 3 full addresses in a gated community, that sits inside a gated community. It’s a playground, a trophy and a showpiece for anyone who can afford the price tag. Here’s how I will do this; the top line will be what I’d say to you, if I was the realtor, and the bottom line will be wiseass commentary for my own sick amusement. 

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