Hey Americans, wanna have fun? Well, go somewhere else.

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Go somewhere other than CT, because a new nationwide study shows the Nutmeg State is one of the least fun states in America, ranking 43 out of 50. "Fun" is subjective but the study was pretty comprehensive.

Wallet Hub examined 26 key metrics, many of them having to do with activities, traditionally viewed as a good time. These are some of the numbers they looked at:

  • Restaurants per Capita
  • Movie Theaters per Capita
  • Access to National Parks
  • Personal Expenditures on Recreational Services per Capita

They also spoke to a panel of "experts" about fun in the U.S. They shared opinions on things like which states seemed to be doing well attracting tourists and even looked at the positive and negative effects legalized cannabis has had on "fun" around the country.

I think this part of CT is fine, better than fine, it's wonderful but that is based on Candlewood Lake being here. If there was no lake, the argument gets a bit one-sided. What I find interesting is how poorly we did on this list. Check out some of the states that beat us:

  • Missouri - 16
  • Iowa - 33
  • Idaho - 34

If those places are indeed better than Connecticut, it may be time to stop defending this state altogether. As for the most fun states, these were the Top 5:

1 - California - $6 per gallon gas, smog, chunks of the state falling into the ocean and Amber Heard.

2 - Florida - Dinosaurs, bugs the size of tennis rackets, the Dolphins and Tom Brady.

3 - Nevada - Hep C

4 - New York - Saw Mill Parkway

5 - Illinois - I don't know Illinois

Who was less fun than CT, according to the study:

44 - Alabama

45 - Vermont

46 - Arkansas

47 - Rhode Island

48  - Delaware

49 - Mississippi

50 - West Virginia

P.S. - CT is in the midst of a war an "opinion war", and anyone who is "pro" Connecticut is currently losing. I've tried to defend this state for years, but it's getting tough to keep it up. I'll let you know soon if I intend to continue enduring this pride swallowing siege.

We talked about this on the Ethan and Lou show Tuesday (6/14/22). If you would like to listen, press the play button below.

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