Sales of Crocs have skyrocketed again this year after a record 2020. It can't be directly related to whether or not folks think they are fashionable because according to Yougov, only 34% of people say yes, they are fashionable. 40% of people say they are not, and 25% aren't sure.


The numbers get higher, the younger you go.In the group ages 18-24, 53% say Crocs are fashionable while 47% of those aged 25-34 think they are. If you break it down along gender lines, you will see that women have stronger feelings on the matter.


As I mentioned earlier, these numbers are not blowing anyone's mind, in general fashion can't be the main reason people buy them, it has to be comfort and the ones who say they are fashionable, that's "ironic fashion."

It's like saying Machine Gun Kelly has great fashion sense.

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He does, in an ironic sense, if you believe that he puts no thought into his clothes. That's the idea, right? Well, I don't believe that, I think he spends the majority of his day figuring out how to look like your grandma.

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Crocs are to feet what Machine Gun Kelly is to fashion, ass. I just hope the folks at Crocs are storing their money in duffel bags in the attic because while sales are good, it can't sustain.

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Do you see Zubaz anymore? No you don't but sales had to have been good on those, everyone had a pair. What about Starter Jackets? Were the sales good on those? You get my point, this moment will be fleeting.

Crocs are ugly as sin, stop wearing them you are scaring the adults.

P.S. There are only a few things that never go out of style. For men and women, jeans that fit well with a black or white plain shirt. For men, a properly tailored suit and a tight black dress for ladies. Everything else is garbage.

P.S. 2- I wore a basketball jersey and ill fitting jeans to work yesterday so whatever you do, don't listen to me, unless it comes down to me and Machine Gun Kelly.

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