According to CNN Business the Crocs footwear brand had a huge year in 2020 with sales rising 12%. Not only that but the company is forecasting even more growth in 2021 saying they expect sales to rise by 20-25% this year.

We can all understand a sales increase because of the nature of the product and the circumstances of 2020 but 12% is absurd.

We all know these things are ugly as sin, if you say otherwise you are lying to yourself. People where them for one of three reasons; comfort, irony or just to be defiant.

Wear them, don't wear them, I don't care but you are not getting in my car with those things on. Most people won't let you smoke in their car, others have a no eating policy, I have a strict NO CROCS mandate and I live it to the bone.

Forget smells, if I catch a partial glance of your hoof out of the corner of my eye, we are all in danger. I don't need that kind of distraction when I'm operating a motor vehicle.

While I don't support the wearing of Crocs, I have zero problem with investing in the company. Investment experts say Crocs are a good buy right now. They trade on the NASDAQ (CROX) and as of (1/12/21) shares are at $74.91.

Here's a video from a dude that wants to show you "5 easy ways to customize your Crocs." His glare is the only thing more terrifying than his passion for Crocs.

I'll add his name to a growing list of people who will never step foot in my house.

This is an R & B song by Trevor Jackson called "In My Crocs" that has over 1 million views for some reason. It's weird, it might have swears and possibly features butt cheeks for what it's worth.

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