Taylor Swift's home ended up being a crime scene on Tuesday (April 3) after a car reportedly stolen in Connecticut crashed there. Swift's home is in Watch Hill, RI and the police chase ended when the stolen car hit a wall at her estate.

According to NBC Connecticut, Hopkinton Police say they observed a vehicle without a license plate on Main Street at 1 am on Tuesday. The driver was allegedly crossing street lines and swerving. Police say they pursued the car into Watch Hill, where it crashed with the front gate/wall of Taylor Swift's home, causing significant damage.

Rhode Island police claim to have determined the car was stolen through police in Hartford, CT. Police also note they detected the smell of marijuana and observed an open container of alcohol in the vehicle.

At the moment, it's not known if the driver or passengers knew it was Taylor Swift's home. Coincidences happen for sure, but this would be a big one. I'm going to go out on my own limb and bet they knew it was Taylor Swift's home. With that, I would like to provide some advice to anyone hoping to get to a celebrity at their home:

DON'T DO IT. They are never home.

They aren't like you and I. They don't chill at home on a Tuesday in Rhode Island. They only have a home like that to visit for two weeks in the summer. Taylor Swift does not have a Watch Hill Public Library card and you are not likely to see her at Stop N' Shop.

On a Tuesday night in April, she's in Singapore or L.A. or meeting with Barack Obama for dinner. These people don't live like you and I. They are not constrained by the shackles of their home, hometown or bills. They are off doing the stuff you wish you were doing. Taylor Swift is not coming out in dirty Hello Kitty pajamas, with her hair a tad askew, shouting at you for crashing into her gate. She likely does not even know this happened yet, weirdo.

Grow up, Peter Pan, Count Chocula.

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