On Feb. 3, I wrote an article about how a Connecticut lawmaker submitted a bill to make pizza the state's official food.

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I've just discovered, thanks to the Newstimes, that New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy was annoyed that Connecticut is choosing to make pizza its official food, so, on Feb. 9 which is National Pizza Day, Murphy tweeted, "I'm incredibly proud to be Governor of the Pizza Capital of the World. #NationalPizzaDay"

Connecticut Senate Dems tweeted back, "no way." As far as we know, Gov. Murphy has not responded. While Gov. Murphy and Gov. Lamont argue over who has the best pizza in the land, it has caught the eyes and ears of "The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert.

Atta boy Colbert, more lame jokes about the State of Connecticut. Great job, Stephen! As to your comment, "You have zero cuisine of their own", do your research, funny boy and eat this; hot buttered lobster rolls, apple cider donuts, steamed cheeseburgers, and Jamaican cuisine. Dan Rather also weighed in when he tweeted,

With all due respect, CT, but I think you'd come in third in the Tri-State Area.

Hey Dan, have you ever purchased a slice in Connecticut? I invite you to meet me at Stanziatos on Mill Plain Road in Danbury where you will find out why Connecticut rules and New Jersey and New York City drools!

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