Breaking News, Ladies, and Gentlemen! Another TV star walked into a pizza joint in New Haven, and the city went wild!

According to a story in the New Haven Register, the host of The Late Show, Stephen Colbert, was recently seen firing up a couple of pizza pies at Yorkside Pizza and Restaurant in New Haven.

My big question is, "Why all the hoopla about a TV star stopping by a restaurant?" Did his agent plan the pizza visit, or was Colbert simply hungry for a slice while doing some shopping at The Shops at Yale? Check out this quick YouTube video of Colbert titled "New York Has Pizza Rat Fever."

I'm sure he wasn't angling for a free slice because his net worth is $110 million, and his yearly compensation package numbers $25 million. In 2021, Colbert ragged on Connecticut when New Haven legislators introduced a bill to make pizza the official state food. Check it out!


Sorry, but I need to side with Stephen on this one. Do we even need an official state food? I love pizza. You love pizza. EVERYONE loves freakin' pizza, but we don't need Connecticut's lawmakers wasting time on naming an official state food.

We need our elected officials focused on issues like taxes, gun control, health care, and rising electricity prices. Believe it or not, there could be some Connecticut residents who can't stand pizza and want might brussels sprouts to be the official state food; then what?

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